In The Beginning

Because I can't think of a better title, so forgive me.

Anyway, I'm really excited because this is my first post. Woohoo!

I took a long break from blogging because a lot of things got in the way, like life. And honestly, this isn't a priority. I have a couple of journals that I constantly use if I needed an outlet (usually when my sister is getting on my nerves), they're still the best medium if you're writing for yourself. No one care's about my grammar and writing style, and I can curse all I want without the fear of being found out (by my sister). Still, blogging is so much fun. It's an excellent virtual storage for my stories, ideas, dreams and fantasies.

So to celebrate my big comeback, this first post is dedicated to my new addiction: PINTEREST.

Total picture porn, I swear. I spend hours just staring at all those beautiful pictures posted by members, and I am always left inspired. Drool-worthy recipes, clever products I can't afford right now, crafts and other DIY ideas I'm dying to try, blah blah blah. My boyfriend's always complaining about the amount of time I'm wasting just looking at all those pretty pictures. He said it's pointless. Ah, men. They can't seem to understand. Now if I can just figure out how to stop staring and start doing. I believe that's the difficult part.

Let me leave you with a few of my latest Pinterest finds:


Intrigued? Check out PINTEREST for more. Sign up to become a member, create your own inspiration board, and while you're at it, add me as a friend. *wink*

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