Friday Flick Faves

I decided that one post each Friday will be dedicated to quick reviews of movies I've seen within that week, just to keep track of them and help me remember which ones are worth watching the second time around (because I'm very forgetful).

Anyway, I'm seriously suggesting NOT to rely on my reviews to decide whether you should or shouldn't see that specific movie. Even if I took a short course in film back in college, it's important to keep in mind that I have weird taste in movies, I am not a critic, and I'm not very concerned with technicalities. So with that being said, let's kick things off with this old-school vampire comedy:

This movie stars a young Jim Carey as the sought out fix of a vampire countess who needs the blood of a virgin to stay young. Although the plot is nothing special, it has a few great moments, including the epic dance scene. If you're in the mood for a light comedy, then you just might enjoy it. 

I haven't seen the remake of George Romero's The Crazies, but a lot of my friends gave it a good rating, so I'm gonna check it out tonight and will post a short review next Friday.


Tsubota Pearl Lighters

I confess. I smoke. And I know how nasty my bad habit is. I'm planning to quit, but I was just thinking, why not go for chic while I'm still doing it? So, I searched high and low for good-looking accessories, because the best I can do is buy the disposable Bic. Initially, I was going for the popular brand Zippo, but after asking around I discovered another brand that satisfies my love for good design - Tsubota Pearl from Japan.

Just take a look at how sleek these are:


And here's a set to indulge my (very bad, tsk tsk) vice:

I swear I'm gonna stop real soon..

Meet The Family, Part One

This post is a picture introduction of family members and friends, just because I might mention them in future entries. 

 My sister Kat. She's the youngest.

That's my younger brother Daniel and his son Cynric. 

My adorable nephew, Cynric. 

 Charm (my sister-in-law) and Daniel with baby Cynric

And this is me and hubby

They're all very random, but I'll be posting more next time. Ta-ta!


DIY Inspiration: Braided Bead Pendant Necklace

I found this tutorial while surfing the net the other day. I loved it so much I decided to make one for myself. Here's the result:

I used less seed beads in a smaller size (the beads used in the tutorial are size 8).

Check out the site to see how easy this braided bead pendant is.


Here Comes The Rebel

So I'm off to get a police clearance for work, but not after I've blogged for a few minutes. I just had to share what I'm planning to wear on Friday for the new hire orientation. I'm excited about it, and because I would love to leave a good impression, I thought hard and long about what my outfit should be. I was thinking of showing a bit of my rock and roll side (I swear, I do have one!), so meet the rebel:

I do not own the exact same items, they just look similar to the ones I already have (like the olive jacket, but mine's not leather, the fabric just made it look like one). It's basically an inspiration board which I'm planning to make more of.

Gotta hit the pavement now. Later!

Clockwise, from left to right: Faceted tungsten ring; BKE cluster bead ring; Matthew Williamson leather jacket for H&M; Two Tone Quilt Engraved Link Watch ; Sterling Silver Wire Stacked Cuff Bracelet; Pave starter bracelet; Sunnies; Fergie Ruckus black boots; Small rock stud bag; Fringe chain earrings; White top


In a Rush

Whew. The new job starts on April 1st and I still need to take care of my requirements. Monday is gonna be a very loooonng day.

My lack of time-management skill is seriously fascinating.

Anyway, if all goes well, everything's completed by Thursday. So in addition to some hardcore praying, I'll be keeping my fingers crossed for the rest of the week.

On to another topic then.

I have a lot of blings and baubles, some of it I bought, others were given, and some more were made by me. Because aside from my day job (which is, technically, an evening job), I design and create jewelries to sell. As a result, I now have a pretty good collection that will last me a lifetime. The problem is, it's quite a challenge to keep them organize.

Now I've checked out the internet for ideas, and found some really creative ones:

A jewelry tree made from a real tree branch by Centsational Girl

Real Simple said we can use a frame and treat our trinkets like art

Buttons can also be used to keep a pair of earrings together, according to Real Neat

And here's my very own HANGER JEWELRY HOLDER:

 I just found a gold hanger and decided to use it to display a couple of my pieces.
Ha! Who would've thought it would work?



In The Beginning

Because I can't think of a better title, so forgive me.

Anyway, I'm really excited because this is my first post. Woohoo!

I took a long break from blogging because a lot of things got in the way, like life. And honestly, this isn't a priority. I have a couple of journals that I constantly use if I needed an outlet (usually when my sister is getting on my nerves), they're still the best medium if you're writing for yourself. No one care's about my grammar and writing style, and I can curse all I want without the fear of being found out (by my sister). Still, blogging is so much fun. It's an excellent virtual storage for my stories, ideas, dreams and fantasies.

So to celebrate my big comeback, this first post is dedicated to my new addiction: PINTEREST.

Total picture porn, I swear. I spend hours just staring at all those beautiful pictures posted by members, and I am always left inspired. Drool-worthy recipes, clever products I can't afford right now, crafts and other DIY ideas I'm dying to try, blah blah blah. My boyfriend's always complaining about the amount of time I'm wasting just looking at all those pretty pictures. He said it's pointless. Ah, men. They can't seem to understand. Now if I can just figure out how to stop staring and start doing. I believe that's the difficult part.

Let me leave you with a few of my latest Pinterest finds:


Intrigued? Check out PINTEREST for more. Sign up to become a member, create your own inspiration board, and while you're at it, add me as a friend. *wink*