Here Comes The Rebel

So I'm off to get a police clearance for work, but not after I've blogged for a few minutes. I just had to share what I'm planning to wear on Friday for the new hire orientation. I'm excited about it, and because I would love to leave a good impression, I thought hard and long about what my outfit should be. I was thinking of showing a bit of my rock and roll side (I swear, I do have one!), so meet the rebel:

I do not own the exact same items, they just look similar to the ones I already have (like the olive jacket, but mine's not leather, the fabric just made it look like one). It's basically an inspiration board which I'm planning to make more of.

Gotta hit the pavement now. Later!

Clockwise, from left to right: Faceted tungsten ring; BKE cluster bead ring; Matthew Williamson leather jacket for H&M; Two Tone Quilt Engraved Link Watch ; Sterling Silver Wire Stacked Cuff Bracelet; Pave starter bracelet; Sunnies; Fergie Ruckus black boots; Small rock stud bag; Fringe chain earrings; White top

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